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Neuromarketing Fractional CMO

Neuromarketing-Certified and Dangerous

People are complex, and so are their decisions. While others lean on outdated methods, Nicole believes in doing things bigger and better. Why settle for a whisper when you can create a symphony?

Nicole taps into various methodologies, including neuromarketing, to understand your audience, inside and out. You will get to know your customers and understand their subconscious. Forget the surveys—Nicole taps into the complex web of human behavior.

Spray Paint Splatter

Why do marketing agencies get a bad rep?

Too often, businesses hire their friends or “marketing generalists” who can't tell a funnel from a fumble. Clients get overcharged for rinky-dink strategies as effective as shouting in a hurricane.

It's like trusting your grandma with coding your website—cute but not effective.

Meet Nicole.

Nicole stands out in a sea of mediocre marketers and is ready to carve out the sweet spot to take your brand to new heights.

Nicole isn't just a CMO; she's the mind behind a movement. Having experience in the client and agency sides for over 15 years, she founded her marketing agency, HALCON Marketing Solution, to flip the script on marketing agency culture and redefine client/agency collaboration.

The services

Need plenty of help or just a little? Nicole’s services can be tailored to your company’s needs.

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Strategic Brand Assessment

Nicole doesn't believe in one-size-fits-all strategies. Her journey begins with an in-depth analysis of your brand, dissecting its DNA to uncover hidden potentials and areas for strategic enhancement.

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Tailored Brand Strategy

Say goodbye to generic marketing plans. Nicole curates bespoke brand strategies that resonate with your audience, fostering authentic connections. Your brand won't just speak; it'll sing in perfect harmony with your target market.

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Market Penetration Tactics

It's not just about being present; it's about dominating the market. Nicole employs meticulous market penetration tactics, ensuring your brand stands out amidst the noise and captivates the attention it deserves.

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Neuro-Marketing Integration

Ever heard of marketing that reads minds? Nicole has, and she’s bringing it to the table. Through certified neuro-marketing techniques, she taps into the subconscious desires of your audience, creating campaigns that leave a lasting impact.

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Brand Evolution Roadmap

Brands aren’t static entities; they evolve. Nicole crafts a roadmap for your brand's evolution, navigating through trends, consumer behavior shifts, and emerging market landscapes. This isn't just a plan; it's a living document guiding your brand's journey.

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Strategic Partnerships and Collabs

Your brand doesn't exist in isolation. Nicole identifies strategic partnerships and collaborations that amplify your brand's voice and reach. It's not just about who you know; it's about strategic alliances that propel your brand forward.

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Data-Driven Decision Making

Numbers don't lie, and Nicole knows how to interpret them. With a keen eye for data analytics, she ensures every decision is rooted in real-time insights, maximizing your ROI and refining strategies for continuous improvement.

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Continuous Brand Monitoring

and Optimization

Launching a strategy is just the beginning. Nicole provides continuous monitoring, tweaking strategies as needed and ensuring your brand stays ahead of the curve. It's not just about being good; it's about staying exceptional.


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